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Ms. Lee     •      Ms. Wu       •      Mrs. Yun Wong      •     Ms. Newman

Specials Schedule


Class K10

ART: Friday

MUSIC: Tuesday & Thursday

LIBRARY: Wednesday

GYM: Monday & Tuesday

Class K20

ART: Monday

MUSIC: Wednesday & Friday

LIBRARY: Tuesday

GYM: Tuesday & Thursday

Class K30

ART: Tuesday

MUSIC: Monday & Thursday


GYM: Tuesday & Wednesday



  • All students must wear sneakers on gym days

  • All library books should be returned to school on or before your library day in order to take out a new book


Student's will be recieving homework each night Monday - Thursday.

Please be sure of the following:

  • Student's complete hw on his/her own

  • Student's should bring in their hw folder to school each day

  • Hw folders should be emptied each Friday

Some things to work on with your child at home:

  • Working on counting different objects using tap/touch and count, and tap and move strategies

  • Ask them to talk about the Star Books they are reading in class

  • Give them time to draw and talk about their drawings

  • Ask your child “What went well at school today?”

Upcoming Studies

  • Social Studies - Apple Study

  • Math - Patterns

  • Writing - Pattern Books